Difference between Unicode and Non Unicode

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between unicode and non unicode.Kindly need your help.
Anil Shenoy.
UNICODE is an international standard character set. The UNICODE character set provides a unique representation for all characters used in alphabets. The ASCII character set, on the other hand, is suited for use with English and Central European characters.
Database instances can use UNICODE for the database catalog and application data. Internally, the database system stores the UNICODE data in UTF-16/UCS-2 format. This requires twice as much storage space as saving the data in ASCII format, since the coding is 16-bit rather than 8 - official SAP definition
You can find a whole lot of info on SAP Library
, Service Marketplace
SAP Systems are Unicode or Non-Unicode.
All ABAP Programs have to go through either of these checks.
You can find in System->Status that whether your system is unicode or non-unicode.
If non-unicode, then may support single character set.
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